Image Handler

Image Handler - class which makes working with images easier. I can crop and resize image, place watter mark and use cache system to optimize speed. To use it, crate an object of this class, with image configurations. Then use object methods to display uploaded images. You can also use other administration methods to handle with class storages.

Guide to the demo version:

  1. 1. Select the images you want to process (maximum 5 in demo).
  2. Select the desired output file width.
  3. Select the desired output file height.
  4. Add watermark if you want.
    1. Select watermark image.
    2. Select position of the watermark.
    3. Input size of watermark.
    4. Input indent from borders of main image.
  5. Push "Handle" button to proceed.

All size limits are only in demo version. You can send any of the parameters in the object in your project.

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스크린샷 2017-08-15 오전 4.47.55.png368367 B.511x472 px.
webretusche_logo_long6.png100526 B.907x908 px.
veranstaltung.jpg685759 B.1920x1280 px.
testlogo.png71506 B.201x200 px.
test ponisha.png1009399 B.1920x1080 px.
ssd.PNG145083 B.852x396 px.
sombrero1.jpg1342348 B.5184x3456 px.
meme-protagonista-5e7ec.jpg22452 B.630x355 px.
logo.png7682 B.150x40 px.
logo-aylin.png23370 B.382x146 px.
lamborghini-sport-car-wallpaper-collection-051s0ryt.jpg609841 B.1920x1080 px.
glasses.png457 B.930x600 px.
galaxy-s8-wallpaper.jpg161819 B.1068x949 px.
fondo40.png876807 B.1800x1350 px.
feslegen.jpg52030 B.210x270 px.
cambios.jpg125975 B.960x960 px.
brushes-2224005.jpg2638187 B.5472x3648 px. B.1850x7963 px.
black_1_fixed.jpg677949 B.2880x1620 px.
big4.jpg122216 B.800x578 px.
Zrzut ekranu (1).png109042 B.2560x1440 px.
WDF_622616.jpg47947 B.1601x878 px.
Tulips.jpg620888 B.1024x768 px.
Screen_0009.jpg840628 B.1280x967 px.
Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 2.23.53 PM.png3220563 B.2036x1354 px.
Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 4.06.47 PM.png2189541 B.2640x1486 px.
Matiash Bridge.jpg2887488 B.3000x1999 px.
Love_Live_5954x4092.jpg1708170 B.5954x4092 px.
Hydrangeas.jpg595284 B.1024x768 px.
ELM 327_Aliexpress.png370003 B.1549x680 px.
Comp 1_00000.png138813 B.500x654 px.
Castel Mimi logo 2017_1.png71704 B.801x599 px.
Blur.jpg50498 B.800x536 px.
70e4d6d6108f68cfa6e50a44cbd9e115_large.jpg713821 B.2560x1600 px.
41f47bde3bf9b193f7b49135b1db2e41.jpg214871 B.900x1286 px.
318-63047 (1).jpg5810 B.150x150 px.
300x250.jpg2045 B.300x250 px.
2017SimiHarley.jpg88204 B.480x732 px.
20170630_153039.jpg2611343 B.5312x2988 px.
20170107_172813.jpg1865111 B.2560x1536 px.
20031828_239232626587785_5761902924570871622_n.jpg52401 B.720x960 px.
19905388_142960906282790_208950810250400395_n.jpg65395 B.960x720 px.
19104836_1550694138305380_551390777_o.jpg95496 B.1280x1024 px.
18951081_10212312654598914_303647913610846519_n.jpg72095 B.960x533 px.
18888647_227124131126065_3831045510169362432_n.jpg138634 B.1080x1080 px.
16804424_1446519342038803_482025676311315616_o.jpg45459 B.720x631 px.
11.jpg241548 B.964x681 px.
09-20-things-happy-couples-do-picnic.jpg1348296 B.2400x1601 px.
01de759592ca8c1c396e5cd73e6df4a2.jpg50358 B.800x600 px.
001.JPG1782254 B.3008x2000 px.

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